Hive/Leofinance is Meant for Everyone What About the Impatient Ones?

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One major goal we all share is to onboard new users to Hive and the Leofinance community for the growth of it so that’s why we are expected to play our part in doing so. However, the basic challenge we face in onboarding users is that after bringing them in, within a short period of time they give up because they expected huge rewards on their post whether it’s a quality post or not but unfortunately, Hive is a slow process of earning and what you need is patience.

Hive and Leofinance is a blogging platform that needs patience, determination and having huge expectations about a post because you think you have written well or the post is above 1000 words is something you should think less of. I understand how it feels to expect instant results especially when you have taken your time to come up with the post so you probably expect every reader to see it and upvote it LOL. One thing we should know is that having huge rewards on a post isn’t predicted and is not something that will happen often.

There are times when I hear complaints about some people earning huge rewards on short posts or within a few minutes after posting, well it is what it is. And yeah it happens, why? Because they’ve earned it and they must have spent time to work on their project too also you should check out their reputation first and read the post to know if it's quality or not before judging else, you would keep on judging and eventually quit.

Patience is something I never had because it irritates me when I see something that can be done instantly and one takes time to do it also I never thought of becoming a writer but Hive has found a way to bring out that potential of writing articles and patiently waiting to earn on them and trust me I have on lots of posts. So if I had quit on my early days on Hive because of low earnings I wouldn’t have even gotten my Redmi Note 11 Pro, thanks to Hive.

Impatience can lead to so many things and there’s always a price to pay for it. So might feel because Hive is a blogging platform so it’s okay to share any content and wait to earn from it well, spamming and plagiarism aren’t allowed and when you do and caught there’s a price to pay for it and trust me you don’t want to experience it and I believe this is one reason many people quit also.

So what you need in Hive/Leofinance is patience, dedication and engagement. Engagements help to attract people to your blog also and with that, you can gain attention for yourself too.

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