Tips on How To Write SEO Optimized Articles to Make Hive On Google Top Searches

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It’s so sad that anytime you see people talking about web 3 social platforms they list so many and omit Hive that was built or developed 6 years ago and you tend to wonder if they have something against Hive. This act is mainly common on Twitter and if they leave out Hive how sure that the other listed projects are legit?

The best way for us to rub Hive on their faces in a way they can’t ignore is to start creating an SEO optimized articles that way when they search on the net for any web 3 articles or project Hive would be the first or among top searches because that’s the only way to give Hive the respect it deserves.

So I will be discussing or giving out some useful tips that can enable users to create a good article that is SEO optimized, the dos and don’ts, and the benefits of it.


Tips on Creating an SEO Optimized Articles

First of all, before you create an article that you are sure of, make sure you already know your target audience, that is, people you want to visit your post and interact with it and if you want to retain those audiences make sure the post has to be well detailed especially for newbies to be able to follow through (quality posts).

Quality posts can be around 500 – 1000 words and as I said earlier they have to be well detailed, easy to read and understand so they can follow through, else you will bore the readers/learners because one thing you should keep in mind is that you are pleasing the readers first or want their attention first before any other thing.

Another thing to note is Keywords. Keywords are the most essential and vital part of creating SEO-optimized articles so when there’s a search for anything relating to that article on Google or any internet browser your content will be among the top search lists to be displayed. So when writing a quality post make sure it’s fixed around a keyword or keywords, it can be in the intro, body and closing paragraph.

Keywords also help to rank your post but that doesn’t mean that you should overuse them everywhere but only where necessary so you have to be conscious about it also there are rooms for sub-keywords to use on your post you don’t have to focus on just one alone.

Links: When writing a post, including links relating to the topic you are writing about can also be helpful, it can either be from your old post or someone else’s post relating to what you are discussing but that doesn’t mean you have to include so many links on the post.


So in summary, to write an SEO-optimized article the few things to have in mind are that the articles must be well written, the article should be focused on a keyword or sub-keywords, it must have links relating to the topic being discussed and it must be well detailed, well written for easy interaction and an average of 500 – 1000 words.

This is all for now, you can feel free to share or add some tips that can also be useful. Thanks!

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