Why Some are Richer than Others

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Often times people wonder why some are richer than others and conclude they got the easy way out, they have higher luck, they got some huge connections and they have what they needed to start up whatever they wanted to start, and they ignored the hard work they must have gone through to achieve what they have achieved. Sometimes what people need to understand is that there is luck and they are hard workers/hustlers, and the hustlers are always more than the lucky ones and they achieved what they achieved through effort and how they manage their time.


Time is what everyone has equally because it's 24hrs a day, no one has 26hrs and what you do throughout that time will determine how tomorrow or the future will be also success can be delayed but not denied. So the most essential part of everyone’s success or existence is time and how you spend it will either determine whether is going to bring more problems or solve the existing ones.

Utilising your time in order to create a better future or achieve your goals does not necessarily mean you have to occupy yourself with many tasks at a time or work every hour of the 24hrs in the day but what it entails is planning, how you work fast and smart, and how also create space for leisure and relieve stress because when you decide to start work every hour you might end up working overtime and burn yourself out and not still achieve what you want to achieve.

To be able to work fast and smart and be able to utilise your time, the first thing to do is to make a scale of preference, that is, a list that consists of the important thing you want to do either in a day or in a week and set out the specific start and end time for each. With these, you can work fast and smart, and also not burn yourself out and at the end of the day or week you can tick off the ones you successfully achieved.

One major key obstacle to time management and success is procrastination and one key example to use for this is the bear market. Some days ago the crypto market saw Bitcoin fall down past $20,000 to $17,000 and there were different posts and opinions on how investors should buy the dip for huge profit in the next Bull Run. However, some were scared thinking it was going to be worse than that and avoided buying the dip.

Days later, Bitcoin skyrocketed to $21,000 with a huge gain and those that bought the dip gained huge profit from it and those that refuse to buy thinking it will go down or when it climbed up a little they will buy missed out on the little Bull Run Bitcoin had. That little Bull Run was celebrated because for the world's largest crypto to experience a bear market for months it’s something else, so little wins matter at this point.

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