RE: Crypto is for everyone. Investing in it is not.

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One of the problems affecting many crypto investors is their gamblers Mindsets.

They like crypto but their gamblers Mindsets make them believe that you can drop 1k today and wake tomorrow with 1000k without doing any research. Many so called crypto investors rely on some crypto Gurus to just give them *Signal, and that'll be their formula for wealth, hehe.

I once belonged to a WhatsApp group in which the Gurus will just push us to any f**ing just-released Inu token out there believing we bound to the moon. The end result was Zero, 😆.

And this is still happening to many lazy crypto investors who don't want to take their time to study the crypto space and protect their investments.

LeoFinance is a great place to find sincere crypto knowledge. Personally, I consider "being on the Hive blockchain" as an investment.

Thank you, @finguru

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