Wall.cash Cash Bay

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Aside from the momentum in crypto world recently, I do witness the passion in BCH community team in creating a better and conducive environment in mass adoption of BCH.

What I meant is, aside from read.cash, which is like blog site. Not long ago , BCH world welcome the birth of noise.cash. And yesterday night I found yet another super interesting product launched into BCH world- that is Wall.cash Cash Bay!

From one glance , it seems wall.cash was setup by Taiwanese BCH community, where I see their introductional video with Chinese language interface.

It seems to me wall.cash is something like the shutter stock , where you can sell your photos or videos to like-minded fellows.

But when I explore more, wall.cash also can be NFT kinda thing, which I think quite popular nowaday in crypto world.

I test water by posting a super normal (aka not attractive) to see how the site working.


wall cash.JPG

And I return 30 minutes later to that site, surprisingly someone pay for my photo to what I offered ! Even though the amount is small, but it opens my eye view on the potential that BCH community as a whole is having !

BCH is getting more and more attractive ! I think it's very attractive to friends who are too getting used to Facebook social media !

Get paid with your photos, video, tweet or sharing over crypto world ! Start the crypto venture with BCH !

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