RE: Market Watch: Very Near The Bottom

13 days ago
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TL;DR Julyin' is for Buyin'

Kidding, kidding. There's lots to be really excited about over the next few months (and then maybe again in 4 years, I don't really understand bull and bear cycles).

I'm now moving some fundage that'll hit next week. I was going to get BTC and BNB, but I think I'll get some LTC and Hive as well. Hive is such a darkhorse but I had never thought of stake as a brand before... but I think you're right... it makes a huge difference in interaction. I noticed that BNB gas fee drop today and didn't know what was going on... I don't think I've ever had that kind of pleasant surprise on ETH ever. Agree that BNB:CUB is where a lot of the magic is... thanks for being so transparent with everything, there is so much complexity in this space, it's kind of impossible to keep on top of everything.

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