Crypto moves: HODL that LEO POWER

22 days ago
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Happy Friday my fellow lions. This week has come and gone. It appears that time itself has been speeding up for me lately. Hopefully it slows down some so I can get a good nights rest. And it looks like crypto never sleeps.

Leo token is currently holding that crucial $1.00 price. And I think we can go higher from this point. Project blank approaches and I couldn’t be more excited. Continue holding that LP people.

I have taken a pause on Cub Finance. Currently I’m holding cub tokens with no plans on selling. Yet, I have been watching other users and their experience with the platform. Before I devote a substantial amount of capital it would be prudent to see how interest rates/Cub token price plays out.

If everyone begins to dump Cub token I can buy in on the cheap. Although, I am bullish long term people tend to think short term. Many rush for the exits before they realize the bigger picture. Frankly, I’m very bullish on this entire ecosystem.

Hive is pushing close to $.50 cents. I have been slowly adding to my Hive power over the last month. I will continue adding to it daily. Fair value could be $.85 this spring.

I’m planning another Hive engine shopping spree over the next 10 days. I will be adding to all the tribe tokens that I currently hold. There is just too much value here. The Hive ecosystem needs to play catch up to the rest of the market.

Many of my core holdings are still intact. Bitcoin and ETH are still in my portfolio and I continue to mine both daily. I have also been mining Dogecoin. Maybe we can get Elon to pump some more. Unless the SEC intervenes.

So have some fun this weekend lions. I will be around Leo chiming in. Remember, this new financial system has no right or wrong answers. With blockchain anything is possible.

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