Hive Eco: Crypto Bull Rising

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Hello everyone! After taking a much needed break I’m back. Although I’ve taken some time off from writing I still have been curating everything on Hive. And these moves in Hive are nothing short of impressive.

Bitcoin is soaring past the $50,000 dollar mark with ease. Frankly, I’m looking for $75,000 per coin by year end. Remember, many of these moves will be caused by much of the hot money flows that are sloshing in the legacy system. Not to mention old money looking to participate in the new financial system.

If you don’t have any crypto exposure then you should reconsider your assessment. Although bitcoin will continue to push higher there are many projects still on the rise. Not to mention new projects being created on a daily basis. Basically if you aren’t participating in crypto your not making any money.

Hive pushing past the dollar price this week has got me really bullish. The “Splinterlands” effect is all over this move. And it will continue going into Oct 18 when Chaos Legion packs go up for presale. Splinterlands is a hot property and every dip should be bought.

DEC is also on a tear as of late pushing past the $.01 mark. We should also continue to see a rise going into the first day of the Chaos pack presale. Of course do your own research since all trades carry with it risk. However, things are looking extremely bullish this week.

Play2earn is the next big thing in crypto. Obviously being first in anything comes with it’s own sets of challenges. Hive is on the forefront on this trend. Specifically, NFT’s that actually do something separates this ecosystem from the rest.

The beauty of Hive right now is the overall cheapness of the various gaming tokens. Take for example the soccer sim game Rabona, of which I’m currently managing a team. RBN right now is going for tiny fractions of a penny. Basically you can acquire a nice stack for a small amount of Hive.

Of course many scoff at buying something so cheap. Yet, buying in on the cheap is the best way to trade crypto. The Rabona game has been a fun experience so far. I’ve managed to acquire a nice stack and will continue to invest.

This is just the start of a new economy that is about to flourish right before our eyes. As I have said previously people are in need of income. Blogging and playing games is just the beginning of a new way to earn. Right now the mainstream is more into investing.

Yet, starting with zero capital and building your stacks is the beauty of Hive. Before the legacy system became corrupt this concept was the beauty of the old system. However, because of the nonsense that is currently ongoing it is rather difficult to get a fair shake in the legacy economy.

The wealth effect in crypto will enable new token millionaires to invest in others. Not to mention increase capital investment in projects that would normally go unfunded. This includes exciting gaming action and play2earn opportunities. Take note that Splinterlands is no fluke.

There is about to be some serious money trading hands in the coming two weeks. Most of us here that have been around since the beginning are eagerly awaiting what’s next. This is the natural evolution of things. Crypto is not the legacy system.

Blockchain was meant to be a fun system. Hive will now show the rest of the market where it’s true value is. Earning crypto is so much better then investing. It is also giving people new opportunities that once never existed.

So enjoy this month lions. It has been a long time coming.

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