Hive Ecosystem: Why are we here?

18 days ago
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Everyone has different motivations in life. Some people are motivated by greed and power. While others prefer a peaceful existence. But all of us share the motivation of waking each morning to a new day.

Seeing Hive token breach .70 cents today brought a smile to my face. And I’m sure most of you who have Hive power are smiling as well. The move up to a dollar may be shocking to most. But not to us who are here daily.

As I have said previously this ecosystem is one of the most undervalued projects in the crypto sphere. I believe we have some catching up to do with the overall crypto market. And I think it is just time.

So why are we here? I’m sure if you asked a handful of users you would get multiple answers. Personally I enjoy discussing various topics related to crypto. Posting and curating is an enjoyable experience for me.

Of course the daily rewards is something that all of us enjoy. And as all tribe tokens rise in dollar terms these rewards could become substantial. Staking my rewards or investing in smaller tribes has become a hobby of mine.

My Hive token shopping sprees are a fun aspect of my life. There is nothing like buying those cheap tokens. It is even more fun to watch those stakes grow. Frankly, I’m due for another shopping spree.

All of us have different objectives in life. Utilizing this platform is no different. Over the coming years many of us will meet individuals from all walks of life. It is always fascinating to meet people from other nations.

It is through this community aspect that will grow the entire Hive ecosystem. The rewards will bring in the people. But it will ultimately be the people that build the value of this network. It is this network effect that will push this platform to new heights.

So enjoy the ride. Many of us here are very early in this economic transition. It may get volatile but we have to see the bigger picture. Blockchain will change the world.

And by our participation we can be a part of this change. Every voice matters. Let’s build the new.

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