Profit is like Fish

Profit is like Fish Well its been a while lots of people are asking me for trading/investing related advice. How do you do it? Is that…

Does TA (Technical Analysis) Work?

Technical Analysis It's been a while I wrote a financial post. I was checking my Leofinance feed earlier and realized that last I wrote…

Splinterlands | The complete beginner strategy tutorial

Not signed up for splinterlands yet? Make sure to use this link and sign up! I have been pretty active

The SEASON to Remember

The Season to Remember: SPS Launch Season! This is my first time using this tool to generate a post. I will try by best not to make it a…
1 mo

Launch of SPS token

SPS I like to write this short post to celebrate this milestone and have it on my blog as a personal record. Yesterday, July 27, 2021…

Buy Untamed Packs - Open Untamed Packs

Buy Packs - Open Packs Let us talk about gaming a bit. We all know the last Splinterlands Untamed packs sold out last week. I never was…

NO Financial Security in POB Investment

POB Tokens are NOT safe The following post is my personal opnion on POB token, where I did make a small investment couple of days back…

The biggest risk with Hive Engine tribes is the owner

Yesterday I wrote a post where I wanted to talk about what I feel is the greatest risk to stake holders in a Hiv

POB Token: Learning a new Hive Ecosystem

POB Token: Learning a new Hive Ecosystem Strange things sometime happen in life. Today, I ran into a conversation with a guy named…

Got to buy some DEC: Tribaldex

Tribaldex Well there is a FOMO on for the last few UNTAMED Splinterlands card packs right now. I am never much of a pack buyer. I…

Debt and Japan

Debt as a function of GDP Over the weekend I try to brush up on the general financial acumen and try to find what interesting items…

The Big Short

The Big Short Education I was looking at the US stock market, which is now rallying for 12 straight years, longer terms, for certain…

Splinterlands Economy, Professional Sports and the Blockchain

Splinterlands Economy It has been ages I have written about Splinterlands. It is not because that I haven't playing the game, its rather…

BNB is Getting Interesting

In What Way? That is exactly what Taraz asked me this morning. Well, crypto, in general, is on a sharp correction, and it is common to…

Fiat Lux

Let there be light Fiat Lux is the Latin phrase that comes from the third verse of the Book of Genesis. I am an atheist. But I do…

Trying the Goose Vault

Goose Vault It's been a couple of months now that I am following the 3-4 top yield farming projects on BSC. The best way to follow them…

The Rise of the Ape

The Rise I have written quite a bit about different Liquidity Pool Tokens. It started with Uniswap at the ETH chain, then PancakeSwap on…

My First IAO

BFT IAO (Initial Ape Offering) Its my first time participating in a IAO, or Initial Ape Offering, or in other word participating in a…

IAO: Initial Ape Offering

Update from ApeSwap! First of all, ApeSwap updated their webpage!! No, it is not blurry texts like @meesterboom mentioned in this…

A Runaway Bull Market

BNB! I wrote a post only about 2 month back about buying the dip. At the time, BTC was at $47K, but more important, I see that I was…