RE: Introducing LeoBridge: Permissionless Cross-Chain Swaps ERC20 -> BEP20

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First of all, I like to congratulate you to stay the course. I like the comment that Cub doesn't just want to be another clone, and provide something original. This is a good vision. Due to that you have quite a few patient investors including myself. I am following the BSC yield farming space for a while now, and I can say that if you didn't have a patient bunch of hive based investors you would have had a 'run-on-the-bank' by now, but you haven't and likely you won't for a while. But just a cautionary note; no one can survive a 'run-on-the-bank'.

So we are patient, but that said, you must reach out beyond hive and look for partnership opportunities. That will benefit the TVL, and you know very well, that TVL is a very important metric in this space.

I wish you luck and success. You know my investment is here for the long term, but please consider what I am proposing.

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