0.01% vs 100%

Every day I spend many, many hours in manual curation. Nowdays not only in LeoFinance tribe, but now also in the new POB…

After Mass Adoption, What Next?

Source Theo

No Loss Lottery

The No Loss Lottery Background: Lotteries are games of probability. In a traditional lottery, you buy one or more dollar

The World Is Yours?

Each time I look around, all I see is how much things have changed, and the funny thing about it all is how the world has chosen to react…

Making Losses on the first day is a good thing - Understand the gamble

When we talk about quick money chase, most people tend to deny the fact that they are involved in them a couple of times, but that's…

MUTE is my solution

I always felt there is something fishy about long time steem-hive user crypto.piotr , his never ending spamming (with 0.001 Hive TX) to…

We Never Learn


It's Alarming How Little We Know About The Inner Workings of the Markets - Gill

If we actually look back to properly understanding what a year 2021 has been, I believe we'd discover that after so much has happened, we…

Askleo : Should Paraphrasing Be Entertained?

source Research writing most times ge

Never Be The "I Wish" Guy - BCH case Scenario

Source We all most times find ourselve

Hive Success: Only For Those Who Want It

Hive is a platform that is presenting tremendous opportunities to people. We are embarking upon a potential paradigm shift that can…

What Plagiarism Is and How To Avoid It


Spent Last 1 Hour Hunting Plagiarism On Leofinance - I found myself a new job

I've never had a real job and I honestly don't plan on getting one. For the last one hour I think, I just experienced jus

The Impact Of Crypto Based Blogging Platforms and How It's Destined For Mainstream

How to make money online? That's a question to get us started with. You can know in times where leads can't play the

THE OFFERINGS: Lazy differentiation of DLOs and IPOs

source Direct Listing Offering and Initial Public Offerings are two possible ways a company can make its shares public. Get

Diem Processing on worthless struggles - It's A Non Functional Creation

With the introduction of Decentralized finance, literally most opposing projects with monetary involvements all seem liable to fail.…

How Hard It's Becoming To Stay Poor

The more we stop to look at the bigger picture, right there in the same old frame that's been hanging just at that corner of the room…

Rhapsody Of Reality?

It's prolly gonna sound like the same old story, but sometimes people never actually stop to realize that it always is, just different…

My First Leo Contest

So I've always wanted to do a curation contest and while I'm good for only a .4 leo vote, I'll try to make it count. Here's what I'll…

Controversial Nike Against Controversial "Satan Shoes" sales by MSCHF

Uhm, funny story how a certain man was pole dancing from the sky, then gave the Satan a lap dance before actually killing him. Hehehe…