What's the state of the nation? #DOOM?

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I believe it's an even comfy idea to kick into conversations on economic developments or struggles, currency inflation, country growth, truth unveiling, call it an information war because in "most" cases, what the citizens have to say about the "government flaws and sins" is termed "a war declaration" so at the end of the day, nobody really gives a fuck, we still find ourselves sticking our nose in their business and they just keep fucking like no one is there or watching.

It's harder to tell who's a party animal and who's on the leadership team. Nigeria has seen a significant increase in so many things. So if you're a Nigerian and reading this but haven't known about "all this" then you ain't watching closely. An increase is a good thing right? How about a "continuous" increase? Couldn't think of anything better.

Let's take a look at the USD/NGN chart :


I wouldn't say NGN is losing to USD, rather, I'd say USD is beating NGN and so close to breaking its spine and letting blood spill out through its nostril. The native currency has zero chances of gaining better grounds when there's absolutely no shits placed down below.

I was taking a cab downtown on a certain morning, can't recall what day as I barely keep check of the calendar of late. The cap driver turned on the radio and there's this certain "governor" that was speaking on air. Apparently he was commissioning a "fly over" on a certain location I don't care about. While his speech went on, a statement caught my attention and that was when this guy said they've run a project worth over 2 billion dollars recently if I remember clearly.

Building infrastructures has never been a bad thing, but what struck me was the fact that this is money that could go a long way in feeding the growing poor population of the country. Speaking of population:


The nation is slowly and steadily climbing towards 300 million population. Some reports state it's likely to surpass the US in coming years, judging from the metrics in place. The birth rate of the nation is of high threat to resources on ground. Foreign products are spiking in prices due to the poor economic management, there's highly poor production machines to even meet the available labor force.

The state of the nation doesn't even create enough employment spots for the available youths and here, you see how it has pushed the lives of its residents to the edge. From 15 years old are already placed in a position of early hard labor in order to counter the nation's poor state.

Reflecting back on the government debt. Sadly, a country owing millions of dollars as debt is spending billions on shit projects only put in place for political reasons. Most of the government operations are based on Clout chasing, an even more acquisition of power is all they are interested in. This is also a 100% reason why they will always stand up against anything that plays a threat in any way.

In conclusion,

Nothing is getting better having humans in power. There's a slightly better sound to a world of no rules and no government. At least when you steal no one will have a problem with it because it would be a choice, no law against it, no shit as this is legal and this is illegal. Because as it stands, putting "men" in power has destroyed the nation.


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