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While we're all waiting for the microblogging section of LeoFinance, there's something you can try out now. Not only can you spread the word about Leo and your other favorite crypto projects, but you can also earn rewards in the form of Bitcoin Cash.

As @behiver already wrote in his in-depth post, there's a new platform from the creators of called and it's focused on microblogging. Right now, the place is in the alpha stage but you can already start earning some Bitcoin Cash directly to your wallet.

All you need to start is a Bitcoin Cash wallet that you can download from - available on smartphones and computers. I downloaded one for my PC because there are too many apps on my phone already.


My Experience

It took me less than 5 minutes to create both my Bitcoin Cash wallet and my Noise account. After that, I started writing some short messages to see where it goes. A few days later I have more than a dollar in my account and it feels rewarding!


You can check out and subscribe to my profile here:

The Dashboard

This is how my dashboard looks like. There are only two sections; subscriptions and explore. In the subscriptions section you can see the profiles you have subscribed to. Obvious, right? And in the explore section you can see all the latest posts which, as I counted, are more than 23 per minute.


Spreading the Word

As you can see, I already wrote about LeoFinance and how it is my main blogging site. If we do it together, we can easily spread the word about LeoFinance/HIVE and other projects. As I said, I already met @behiver there and just a moment ago I also saw @onealfa appearing on the platform.

Conclusion is a new and promising place where you can write only one sentence and get rewards in the form of Bitcoin Cash. It will be interesting to see where this goes because on you can't earn anything substantial (personal, subjective experience).

This microblogging approach may work better and we'll see it as time goes by! For now, subscribe to @bagofincome here - and let's have some fun!

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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