Cryptic Divergences Everywhere

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Whatever industry we look at, there are decentralized solutions coming to the scene. Whether it is social media, data storing, energy, banking, or others, each centralized company is now facing competition from various blockchain projects. The world is changing and the powers are shifting from big corporations with old dudes controlling them to internet communities and geeks who have spent years in their basements coding a new world order.

Skipping the Greedy Middleman

The whole system is built on a lie. We all know it. But until crypto came along, there was little we could do to make a real change. Now it's possible to build our own system which gives power back to the people. No longer do we have to pay fees to corrupt middlemen to approve our transactions. With Bitcoin on the scene, we can transfer value directly to others.

With crypto on the scene, the code is the law. Instead of paying fees to corporations and their leaders, we are paying to those who are running the blockchain. They are called miners. The beautiful thing about decentralized systems is that anyone can become a miner or a validator of a certain network. Yes, you won't be able to mine Bitcoin with your PC at this time but Bitcoin isn't the only project out there. It's the grandfather of decentralization but it's only the tip of the iceberg.

There are hundreds of projects around with real-use cases and industry-disrupting goals on their roadmaps. Yes, most of them will fail but the ones who will stay are the next Amazon, Facebook, and Google. It's hard to tell which projects will succeed but the more time you spend in the crypto space, the more understanding you get. The knowledge is here, it's you who have to take it. And then use it to your life better.

It's a big club, and you're ain't in it. - George Carlin

Taking Back the Power

Banks are scared. Paypal, Mastercard, and other legacy systems are on the brink of destruction. All we need is a little spark to ignite the change we have all been dreaming of. The last couple of days have been simply astonishing when it comes to bullish news. Not only did the Republic of El Salvador make Bitcoin a legal tender in the country, but many other politicians from South American countries like Paraguay, Mexico, and Brazil also supported this action. I'm pretty sure that some of these countries will follow the example of El Salvador.

The change is happening in real-time but doesn't expect that it will be smooth. There will be a big resistance from the one percent of the one percent and we know they are capable of mad shit. Take an example of the alleged oil hack by Russian hackers. At first, it seemed legit but after the news came out that the FBI has recovered private keys that belonged to hackers, it became clear as a day that it was a false flag operation to implement new laws when it comes to crypto. And also fear in people that the FBI can hack your private keys. They can't, especially if you're a Russian hacker.

Taking Part in the Evolution

Call it a change, a revolution, or a decentralization, it is clear that we are evolving from being ruled by a handful of people to being our own rulers with a help of some protocols. This article, for example, is forever stored on the Hive blockchain because LeoFinance is built on it. It's one of the dApps on HIVE which is a decentralized censorship-resistant chain. Built anything on it, grow a community, release your token and start changing lives.

I'm using LeoFinance to:

  • Connect with like-minded individuals
  • Read well-researched articles about things nobody else writes about
  • Be early in promising projects that Leo users are writing about
  • Earn LEO/HIVE tokens to get closer to financial freedom

Leo is not the only decentralized project that I am bullish on. There are multiple others that you can easily find if you look around. The point is - doors are open to those who are willing to go through them and take opportunities. It's really easy to get into crypto communities and start contributing. Choose the right ones and I believe that the future will be bright.

Thank you for reading! Together we will make it!

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