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You probably know about this new platform on the web called Torum (@torum). It's somehow a combination of FaceBook and LinkedIn but with the cryptocurrency twist. A while ago I wrote my short review on Torum that you can read here. I've been using Torum to promote both my blog and my Leo articles. I also got to meet new people who are working each day to improve Torum and bring it to the masses. Right now, there's a sale going on where you can get XTM's (native currency of Torum) before they're on the market.


But that's not what I wanted to talk about. On Torum, you can create companies and clans. As I don't have the credentials to create a company there, I created a LeoFinance clan for anyone to join.


As for companies, right now there is HIVE and it has more than 1200 followers. I think Leo leaders should create LeoFinance company there too to bring the word out but that's only my opinion.


If you're not on Torum, maybe it's time to join. In my opinion, it looks promising. The interface is working well, you can earn daily XTM's for completing tasks like posting and leaving a comment and you can also invite friends to receive XTM's as a referral reward. If you join by pressing at the end of this psot, I'll be your Torum mentor as @zord189 is mine.


There's also this great dashboard where you can see everyone you invited so that you can support them along the way. Maybe even invite them to Leo like I'm inviting you to Torum right now.


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

^created by @krunkypuram^

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