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Boi loves Leo! We all here do! But the internet is vast and there are so many people with no idea that something like this (earning crypto for writing) is even remotely possible, and I'm not talking about these people joining LeoFinance.

This place is too difficult for the average Joe who writes one-word posts on his Facebook timeline. Okay, I'm over-reacting but the reality is what it is - people are getting dumber with every passing day. Not pointing fingers at anyone but society as a whole is on the brink of destruction.

If we stop learning, we stop improving ourselves, and in order to learn, it's essential that you read. Read more and more, try what you read in practice, and become a bit better than you were yesterday. Stack these experience points together and soon you won't recognize yourself anymore!


It all sounds so simple but it often takes more than just having the dream of being financially independent. You need to dedicate your time and your energy to achieve what you are dreaming of! Today I'll talk about a few places where you can read about cryptos and earning money online. On some of these places, you can earn rewards for posting.



On this forum, you can read about many topics, starting from cryptocurrencies and high-risk investments to affiliate networks and casinos. Some people are sharing their earning journeys there and other people are reviewing various ''money earning'' sites. Although the forum is full of spammy referral links, from time to time you can find something interesting on this forum.

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The original Bitcoin forum where the BTC Whitepaper was first released. Created by the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto. This place has been active since 2009 and there are still tons of people using it. You can find many topics starting from everything about Bitcoin to altcoins, trading, economics, politics, and many others. There are also local groups for people talking in other languages.



Although I've never been an active Reddit user, it's the biggest internet forum there is. You can join many subreddits (communities) that are focused on either crypto, earning money online, or other niches you care about. Not only can you find the latest news in the industry, but you can also comment, post your own articles, and receive Karma tokens as rewards.

Subreddits to join:

  • Cryptocurrency - more than 1.2 million members right now.
  • LeoFinance - only has 89 members right now but we're growing consistently and, hopefully, after this article, the count will increase!
  • Financial Independece - more than 800k members talking about ways to achieve financial independence.
  • Personal Finance - more than 14 million members sharing their tips on budgeting - saving money, getting out of debts, investing, and so on.
  • Torum Tech - latest articles about Torum and the development of Torum social media network. Read my review here if you haven't already. This subreddit already has 1.6K members!


This forum is full of incredible stuff and helpful people talking about many topics ranging from SEO improvement, affiliate networks, and freelancing to social networking and web design. You can find tons of useful material and amazing journeys of BHW users achieving their money earning goals. The BlackHatWorld forum includes unethical money earning methods and forbidden tactics of improving your SEO and other illegal stuff BUT it's not illegal to read about it and educate yourself.


A pretty new forum that is unusually active, mainly because of the on-going initiative by YoBit.Net where users are getting paid for creating new topics on the Cryptotalk forum. From my experience, there is nothing interesting there but as long as there's an option to earn, I'm trying it out. The other thing - I can add my signature under my comments and posts which will get more traffic to my blog.

As for how much I've earned so far - it's 0 because before you can start earning, you must create 100 posts (comments or topics). I'm still at 25 because I'm not using it too often. Just when I remember, I go there and comment on some random topic.

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There are many ways where you can read about earning money online but the best way to earn money online is by trying out what suits you the best. For some, it's blogging, for others, it's selling photos. For you, it may be selling your skills as a freelancer or coding your own decentralized application if you're a developer. Anything you want to create - there are definitely tutorials online that will help you!

Read, learn, practice, and grow!

Thank you for reading! Until the next time we meet!


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