Torum Is Rising Through the Ranks + Lions You Should Follow!

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It has been 23 days since I last mentioned the Alexa ranking of Torum in this post. As days went by and new users onboarded the platform, Torum grew from being in 207,650th place in the global website ranking (according to Alexa) to being in 128,968th place today. It pushed up more by almost 80 thousand places which, if you ask me, is a great accomplishment and it looks like Torum is not stopping anytime soon.


Getting higher in the ranks means that more and more people have started using Torum in their daily lives! And it's not only bots and scammers as it may seem at first when you visit Torum's Discover section. There are real people there and even there are even some mighty lions! (Join Lion clan here.)

Some of the people you already know from LeoFinance

In the list below, I've gathered some of the LeoFinance users you may be familiar with and added their Torum links so you know who to befriend first when you finish your registration. A few of them are also Torum Ambassadors, you can see who by looking at their profile pictures (ambassadors have a little badge on their profile pic). Sorry, if I left someone out!



Even if you've been using Leo for a few days, you must know this guy. He's one of the most dedicated Leo writers, in my opinion. If you're not following him, then do this now! And read the stuff he's creating, it's impressive!

Link to Torum profile



Katerina is another great content creator who's also a Torum Ambassador. She's been here on Leo longer than me so you should probably know her! And of course, follow her. She's sharing all sorts of useful applications and projects out there!

Link to Torum profile



Another great guy who's on the journey of making money online. He has a lot of interesting articles about blockchain games and personal experience with each of them. Interesting to read and learn something new! Maybe you'll find some game you don't yet know about. Go ahead and check out his profile.

Link to Torum profile



The most famous 'shit-poster', as he calls himself. If you don't know this guy, you're probably a new Leo/HIVE user. Just check him out.

Link to Torum profile



This girl's a crypto astrologer and also a Torum Ambassadrice. If you want to know which coin looks best when you look at the stars and planet alignments, you must check out her profile. She even created a Torum Birth Chart which is really impressive!

Link to Torum profile



A dedicated HIVE/LEO user is what I would call this guy. I remember when he surpassed the one and only @taskmaster4450 in the weekly comment competition. He has a lot of great articles that you don't want to miss. Brew yourself some coffee and do some reading. It's good for your brain.

Link to Torum profile



A guy with his own blockchain skating community. If you're into extreme sports, you must definitely follow this guy. Other than filming skating videos, he's also a skillful writer and gamer. Oh, and he is also a Torum Ambassador.

Link to Torum profile



Does this guy need a bio? He's a legend here on Leo! He's the Toruk! Some time ago he joined Torum but hasn't been too active there. Maybe as time goes by, he'll come back so why not give him a follow? Together we can make his Torum profile grow without him even being active there. Wouldn't it be nice to give something back to Toruk?

Link to Torum profile

Thanks for reading! I hope this will be useful for you. If you're not on Torum just yet, you can press here or on the banner below and join with my invitation link to get 75 XTM!


Or read my in-depth review first, by pressing here.


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