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Yesterday I wrote a post sharing some details about how much APY someone can get by staking MUT in the game. I agree that the post did not have all the details as the post was targeted only towards explaining the APY of MUT staking. Later I noticed a few people asking some questions in the comments section of my post and also a few people reached out to my DM on discord. I thought I should write a follow-up post and answer some of the frequently asked questions about Muterra.

Below are some of the FAQs that I receive about Muterra. I'm not going to cover common questions like "What is Muterra?" because people can easily visit Muterra Website to get those basic questions answered. I would like to start with some questions that were asked specifically to yesterday's post:

How to get MUT tokens?

This is a very common question we get. MUT tokens can be obtained through Airdrop. People who don't receive enough MUT tokens from airdrop can purchase them on Hive Engine from players who are selling the MUT tokens they received as Airdrop.

Where to read more about MUT staking?

There is an official post from @muterra account that explains MUT Airdrop and MUT staking.

How to stake MUT tokens?

The staking happens on Hive Engine. You can stake your tokens on Hive Engine to receive the staking rewards.

Will the 1858 % APY change if more people join the game and stake MUT tokens?

The APY mentioned in my yesterday's post is based on the number of tokens distributed as staking rewards. The APY is not calculated based on the value of the token. So the 1858 % will always be constant. The overall value of the holding might go up and down based on the price of MUT.

Is this a play2earn game or pay2win game?

Muterra will be a play2earn game. People might have to do some initial investments like purchasing a Tamer License (similar to a spell book in splinterlands) and Tamers to get started. But there will be opportunities inside the game for players to earn from the game. They can re-invest what they earn from the game to upgrade their game assets and keep growing inside the game.

How do I get packs in Muterra?

The pack sale is over and we have sold out 20k packs in total. MALDIVES was the pack for the current storyline. Based on the Lore, there will be new packs introduced for different locations inside the game and people get a chance to buy packs again. There are some packs available on Hive Engine. Those who are interested can purchase those packs and open them.

How can I buy Muterra assets now if the pack sale is over?

We currently have a sale going on for Crates and Tamer License. People can purchase them from the official website. In addition to that if people would like to purchase other cards, the NFTs can be purchased from the market page of the website where other players sell their NFTs.

Will I get Airdrop and Staking rewards for assets bought on Hive Engine?

Yes, you will Airdrop and Staking rewards based on the type of asset you hold, irrespective of the place from where you bought them.

If there are any additional questions please reach out on our discord or leave your questions in the comments section. Visit Muterra Website to get links to discord and read more about the game.

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