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Stats are always very attractive. Especially when it comes to earnings, stats gives us motivation, and also if it can show us some progress, it is always inspiring. My Publish0x stats is not something that keeps increasing every month. At least it does for some people. But for me, it is good to take a look at this once a month on the last date of the month. The first attractive thing that happened in the last month is that my followers increased from 548 to 562.

I write almost every single day and I also make sure my articles are posted on Publish0x as well along with the other platforms where I contribute. I keep this as a hobby for myself where the earnings are only secondary. I have been doing this for a few years now. Writing every single day is not very easy but I'm happy that I'm able to do that with some consistency.


Publish0x gives me decent stats where I can compare how my articles are doing based on some real-time data. They tell us which articles had more views and which did not have many views. Most of the time when I share the article on Twitter, the views increase. The rewards are these articles are pretty much the same and I don't think it increases based on the number of views I get. But that's okay I think. As long as it can give me data on which article is interesting for readers and which is not, it is all good.

I have observed that finance-related articles do very well. They usually have better views. I guess it is also based on the tags I use on the posts I guess. Some general topic articles don't perform very well. People are not interested much in general category articles. It is also hard to write finance and crypto-related posts every single day.


Last month the earnings were around 5$ but this month it is not even 3 dollars. Even though I don't expect more earnings from this platform, it at least gives me ideas as to what people are interested in and how I can increase views on my articles and earning opportunities as well. I also did not contribute for a few days when I was traveling. The views were not affected much but from the looks of it, most of the articles of the high view were the ones that were related to crypto and finance topics.

Maybe I should also write more on Play2Earn topics as well. Those topics also receive a warm welcome from the community and people are interested in reading such articles. Creating organic followers is important I guess and for that to happen, I believe the proper choice of title and the article theme is also important. If I write finance-related topics for 10 days and grab more followers and then if I switch to a different theme altogether, it may not look good for my followers.

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I once tried the Publishx platform. But I left because I couldn't find the activities and activity I was expecting.


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