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Great. The previous hackathon was a big success and we got the Hive Onboarding tool.

The first hackathon was set for 2 weeks, I am considering extending this to one month or even longer. I think 2 weeks is a good time to have enough time for a decent prototype but it does limit how much functionality is available.

I like this. One month's time is very good to even build a complete product instead of just a prototype. I remember someone did build a prototype in the last hackathon and won a prize and then that code was never touched after that. I understand that everyone have their own projects and commitments but Hackathon shouldn't be a place to make quick money just because they are popular on Hive. So, in my humble opinion, it is better to have final solutions than prototypes. Or at least 80% built and ready solutions.

  1. I was thinking $25k should be good. Also, it would be good to convert it to Hive and reward the winners in Hive.
  2. Yes that will be good.
  3. This can be selected based on the number of entries. I would suggest keeping 5 as a minimum number and as you mentioned, be flexible about the final number of winners.
  4. Two phases. In the first phase, they submit their prototypes and in the second, they submit the full working solution.
  5. Some members from the community as judges and also from outside if possible. If we can allocate some budget for the judging.
  6. Right now I don't have any idea in my mind. I will keep thinking and if I get some valuable idea. I will definitely try to participate.

Overall, I like this initiative so much and also the idea of taking this Hackathon to the open world. I guess this will create more awareness and can bring more traffic to Hive.

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