Splinterlands - Planning your account's collection upgrade

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Sometimes we might get confused as to how we should be planning our collection upgrade. Maintaining a proper deck is very important to progress well in the game. If we have unused cards in our deck, we have to find a way to make use of them. In this article, I'm going to be sharing some of the tips I have been following to maintain my deck.

This may not be a 100% perfect solution but this is something that worked for me. So, I thought I will share this with newbies. During the early days of my splinterlands journey, this is what I did to progress in the game. I used to reinvest the DEC I got from playing the game. I guess I also spent my Hive earnings on Splinterlands and that is what brought my deck value close to 40k now.


Focus on one Splinter

This is what I did when I started with my upgrade during my early days. My focus was mostly on the Fire splinter. I always liked to play with Fire splinter. I chose upgrades mostly for the Fire splinter first and apart from that I also used to play Fire a lot. Even today for the daily quests my preferable choice is first Fire splinter and then only I go for others when there is a need.

I guess it is a good strategy to keep one splinter very strong and go up the ladder. There will be times when we will be forced to play other splinters but most of the time if we can climb up with our upgraded splinter it is always good. Also, note that it may not be Fire that is your best choice just because it was for me. Choose the one that you are comfortable with.

Ignore the Splinter you are not comfortable with

We talked about selecting the splinter that we should focus on upgrading. Next, we have to think about the splinters that we should be ignoring. If you look at the gameplay, you always skip one or two splinters and play with the remaining. In that way, below is my order of preference when it comes to splinter selection for a battle.

  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth
  • Death
  • Life
  • Dragon

This is the order in which I prefer choosing my splinter for the battle. Fire is the most used and Dragon and Life being the least used. I choose Life or Dragon only if I couldn't avoid it at all. As I focused on upgrading my Fire deck, it used to be my strongest deck. After that when I got my Gold Foil Legendary Ruler of Seas, Water became my next favorite deck and I used to play a lot with Water deck and to my surprise, I also got another Gold Foil Legendary Spirit Miner twice. That increased my interest in water splinters.

I completely ignored dragon splinter and Life splinter. Even today I find it hard to play with Life splinter even though I see many people finding it comfortable to play. You will not believe but I have completely rented out all my Life cards deciding that I won't be using them for anything.

Renting is good to increase the collection power

As I mentioned in the above paragraph, I have rented out all my Life deck cards as rental markets are very good. It is now an advantage for both the player as well as the renter. Last season I got around 50k DEC just from renting alone. Today we get lots of cards for cheap rates in the market. People don't have to purchase their cards from the market but instead, rent them from the market. If the league is good, they will be able to get the returns back by just playing a few battles.

So in order to increase the collection power, this strategy can be used and progress can be made. If you have a different strategy that you have been using to profit, do let me know in the comments.

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