Splinterlands - Price of each voucher in the market was so tempting

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I was thinking of targetting close to 100 CL packs in total. In order to get 100 CL packs, I guess I will have to hold 100 Vouchers as well. Vouchers is the most demanding thing right now. I was able to see that the price of Vouchers was higher than the CL pack itself. People were buying vouchers from the market for unimaginable prices. It was really tempting to look at that price and I decided to sell my vouchers.

With the 3 Vouchers that I'm getting every day, I believe I will be able to purchase only 90 packs even if I keep all the Vouchers safe. Today I was able to sell my vouchers for 29 Hive. Let's say I'm selling all my vouchers and not going for any packs. Also, let's assume the price of the Vouchers stays above 20 Hive. In that case, I will be making close to 50 Hive per day and a total of 1500 - 2000 Hive in this pre-sale period. I'm also seeing an opportunity to purchase Vouchers low and sell high. It is very risky but have to see how it can work out.


All I see right now is confusion in my head and I don't know how to decide. If I should be selling all the Vouchers I get or reserve them to purchase packs from the market. The funny thing is that the pack cost in the market is less than the voucher cost. Each pack gives 300 Points towards the SPS airdrop. I managed to purchase some packs in the market for 24 Hive. Not because I was interested to hold them long-term but just to look for a trading opportunity.

It was a good trade today. I bought some CL packs today for 24 Hive and sold them for 30 Hive. I was lucky enough to purchase only 5 packs and sell 5 packs. Maybe in the coming days, there will be opportunities similar to this.

I'm not sure how this will turn around in the coming days. People sell their Hive, DEC, and other assets to purchase Vouchers all in the idea to get that promo card. Recently some people have also started creating pools and purchase packs as a pool to grab those rewards. This is a great idea and it is also very tempting for me. I'm going to take a day to think about it and see if I can also join the pool. But this CL and Vouchers have given only confusion so far to me and things are still not very clear. I don't know if I should be booking some profits with Vouchers and SPS or wait and grab a good amount of packs.

Whatever it is, I'm sure the game is going to be really big and there will be lots of opportunities for the player all the time. People are going to become super-rich for just playing games online. That's the power of blockchain technology and I'm glad that I'm also part of this revolution.

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