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You know, I don’t know what your belief is based on that China is ready to cooperate with the country of connecting rod bears, but I rely on some unshakable things in the policy of communist China, namely, on the works of Mao Zedong, on which. the entire vertical of power and external political and external economic relations are built on the foundation. In fact, for China, today's Russia is a traitor to the communist ideology, and no one is on ceremony with traitors. Yes, the Chinese will smile sweetly, nod their heads that everything is fine, but their main goal is to take everything and not give anything away to those whom, according to these works of the ideological inspirer of China, they consider their enemies. This, if in a nutshell). And one more thing, a bee sting leads to the fact that many Russians leave Russia and ask for asylum even in Kazakhstan, in a country that they, even in a nightmare, did not consider as a place where they will spend the rest of their lives. This is a small fraction of that. what's happening. China can also obtain rare earth metals in South America, Malaysia, or South Korea. at worst, without the risk of falling under the rink due to sanctions.

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