Progress Report - June 2020

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July 1st, 2020

Monthly Progress Report June

Despite my slacking off in the last week and a half of June, it was very much a banner month for me. The delegations I received in May have come to a close, and curation rewards are on the decline, however I feel they will stay above my pre-delegation levels simply because it really helped my account grow.

The Monthly Totals Chart:

So lets get rolling with the charts. First the overall monthly report chart for Hive:
monthly chart june.png

Since Hive started, with the conversion of my steem to hive, and all the other earnings my account has been pollinated with 2639.215 Hive. That is a lot of busy bees indeed.

Curation Chart

My curation rewards almost doubled from the previous month, and that is 100% do to the generous delegation I received from several generous individuals. Here is the chart that Asher provided for me from his monthly report summery:

Now that was some major up-ticking for me in curation. I am hoping for next month to stay in the 2500-3000 range on the chart. If you want to see your personalized chart/report visit:
His report is also the sole remaining means I have for this bit of tracking:

In June, you cast 1165 votes, 3 of these were downvotes, and 0 votes were cast to self.
Your average vote weight (to the nearest whole number) in June was 27%.

Account Growth Chart

On the HP/Vest front, I was fortunate enough to get several large up votes, three of which topped $15.00, I was pretty happy with those.

With the curation and author rewards and power ups a pretty good growth cycle as you can see from the chart that Leostats provides:


A couple of nice stair steps on the growth ladder there. Soon those steps will be a little bit smaller as my steem is almost all switched over.

Earning Pie Charts

A few pie charts to highlight a few things.

June monthly pie.png
This is how the author and curation rewards looked. The HBD-C is HBD's converted to Hive at todays open market rate so that apples could be compared to apples and not lemons. It is not 100% accurate as I have not converted the HBD on a daily bases and that conversion does vary, quite significantly sometimes on a daily and monthly basis.

The above if for the Month of June, below I have also created a pie chart for the life time of Hive, all the way back to late March, well we have been alive for almost a whole quarter now so a quarterly chart is needed.

average since hive began pie.png
As you can see we really did earn some Hive rewards at one time. I am sure we will be back there again. As you can see from the two charts since Hive began, and the June one, that my curation percentage has held pretty steady at 18%. It will be interesting come next year to see if it holds or changes a lot as my account grows. I would hope my voting does not change to much, I have never been one to vote just for the reward, but mostly for the enjoyment of the content.


Content, I suppose since I am on that topic a bit now, I should show my engagement levels on Hive since the start, like my account it has been steadily growing. I think though that I am reaching a plateau and will just have to keep my eye on it as the weeks and months go by. As I mentioned above I have slacked off just a little bit this last week and a half.

engagement chart.png
A new chart style for me. I continue to learn the different parts of LibreOffice Calc. It has been fun learning to track and trying to keep myself organized a bit. next task is to tackle the line charts, but that's another day. I do like how this one does a nice job of showing the engagement growth.


June was a very good month. As mentioned in my last weekly report the weeklies will end, and I am moving to a bi-monthly report for awhile. Next update on my account will be on or about the 15th of the month.

If you are new to Hive Block Chain, and have less than 25 HP and would like a small 25 HP boost via a month long or longer delegation let me know, I have 4 available delegations on my alternative account.

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