Cub finance - a head start on the road to enlightenment?

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Im aware that many people actually like working for a living.
I dont.
Im not a lazy person as such, but I do have an extremely low tolerance for sustained effort which can make it appear that way!
My natural state when left to my own devices is to play around with life much like a lion cub might, intermittently testing my physicality in the world, indulging my curiosity and generally exploring my sensory existence as a living, sentient creature. Its a difficult sell in this hard-edged, competitive, materialistic society and true to my nature I have struggled considerably to be a part of the show. In fact it has hurt me in many ways.

CUB is opening my eyes to new possibilities

I know that in my natural healthy state I am an asset to the world around me, not materially, or financially but just as my self, contented, vital and creatively responsive to the moment. But how to maintain this aliveness in a society where you are constantly pressured to make unnatural contracts with people, projects and 'lifestyles' in order to sustain some illusory prison of normality? Well my response over the last few years has been to practise meditation and study various spiritual philosophies. My main objective in this is to overcome my fear of suffering, and just my general egoic identification with it, so that I can have the courage and inner resolve to make 'right action' in every moment and not succumb to fear when I make my decisions. Ultimately I need to be prepared to fully accept the potential for destitution, emotional backlash, abandonment and physical harm each time I do what is absolutely right. Ok? Sounds pretty rough I know... but so far, its only led to beauty. And Cub is a thing of beauty. Instead of financial destitution I seem to be gifted this wonderful opportunity to stake my small bundle of crypto currency in to this cosy den filled with baby lions! And everyday more arrive!

How many more like me are there out in the world who feel they must sacrifice their natural liberty every time they try to survive? Who's minds and bodys crumble with every moment of falseness they feel forced to endure?
Spiritual enlightenment is a tall ask for most people, terrified of letting go, stricken with fear and guilt were they to 'give up' and 'lose everything'. So lets give ourselves a head start on the road to peace and contentment. Passive income is a powerful tool that might just allow a plethora of 'false contracts' to dissolve in to the ethereal mist and allow those that need it, the chance to breathe and relax, and discover how to play again, and in that state of cub-like liberty, perhaps to stumble across gems of untold worth that have been hiding amongst the weeds below their feet ALL THIS TIME!

So thankyou Cub for being my introduction to this world of decentralised finance and for opening my eyes to new possibilities for this incredible creature that is the human being.
Remember, do not be afraid to lose everything. It is not the financial value of this revolution that is sacred, but the transformation of our perception, and the liberation of our spirits from old, OLD contracts. Lets learn to love again x

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p.s. I tried to make a meme but for some reason images just give me some sort of error:500 server error message. If anyone knows whats going on with that, please send me a clue ;)

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