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whats the staking process like on eos? I have a little stash of it, but havnt yet gone over there to get involved

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The Staking Process on EOS


For me, the staking process on EOS is about as fun as ripping out teeth.

In order to interact with the network, you need to have some EOS staked.

This means even if you want to just send EOS from an EOS wallet to and exchange in order to sell, you need to have stake.

I used Anchor Wallet of which this EOS explainer talks about.

I'm not a tech guy and I still don't really understand the process, but I did get it working with Anchor.

Good luck!

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haha ouch.
I think i'll give it a miss for now.
The pulling of teeth requires a certain degree of courage and determination that I only seem to possess on very special occasions. I pray for these moments :p
thanks for the warning x