How Nexo help me when I am Hodling

24 days ago
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just too bad I don't have any bitcoin on hand as I sold too damn early. Lol.

But it's fine, I still have some coin holding such as Ethereum.

If followed my previous method, I will put order in other exchange and wait for the order to hit. But while waiting, I got nothing for return...

Luckily @bitrocker2020 have introduce me so that I can earn interest while I Hodl.

I been in Nexo for almost a month and the return is quite high. If compare to traditional bank, the return just too tempting. Just imagine if you have huge amount to hodl, I believe your daily payout is enough to sustain your daily expenses.

Same to, as long as you are now delegating your hive power to @leo.voter, you will get 16% return per annum. This is one of the best thing to crypto enthusiast. Also the best thing is hive is free to earn and now you can stake to earn more.

So Nexo help me a lot in terms on return while savings. So now if you are vision that the coin you hodl will boom in future, just save in nexo and earn interest along the way.

This is not financial advise and hope you will do research before investing.