RE: Splinterlands statement - The sole purpose in life is to improve the SPS tokenomics

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I just hit my 240K SPS Goal! and 1.5 million SPT but want to get it to 20 million and SPS to 1-2 million. I hope both get revenue to bc I own Preferred Stock , Common Stock so I get to reap both sides bc I got lucky bought to much cards one day and bumped into Matt in the discord to solve it and after I asked if I could get in and I looked at the plan and just said yes lol. The stuff they have coming out now is sweet. I got lucky with the SPS I figured once I was issued my first chuck of SPS from the private sale it would be pumped up a bit and dumped as the next round which had a lock up was sold off plus the market cooled a bit. I ended up selling half at .6-.9 buying since .25 to now and getting about 20 bucks a day in SPS, 15 -16 vouchers so 35 plus add in the air drop of 8 bucks as well as LP positions 20 a day. Then I get the rest of the SPS over 5 years I believe another 100K SPS and that first distribution returned my initial investment X3 and I still own it probably the best position to be in right now. I did pump prob 15K into packs but now I am ready to play and likely will be able to get to high gold or more now. I also cashed out all my beta cards for like 30 K at highs lol. Only thing I fucked up on is land I missed the sale was ready with 5 K-10K to buy land lol and it was a massive return. Bought the Waka Card because I think it will be a good bet over the next 1-2 years. If not I can wait until it is. I feel like this game will make all of us very wealthy if you have enough. If SPS just on say the new announcements goes back to .9 I make like 200K plus my share value increase. I think they are worth over 100K now but you never know until you have a sale or get income. Feeling lucky though I had 5 start ups list on the NYSE or Nasdaq and one coming up this year lol know clue how I got that but we will see. Then I invested in a bunch of the equity crowdfunding seed rounds and those are up 5-50X except like 5 that failed. That's part of start up investing. All I know is about a 1/5 of my assets are in Splinterlands right now and I am not nervous at all what's the worst that happens I lose it. It would suck ass but I highly doubt these guys will lose in my opinion. They take care of the ppl that support them, I have zero to complain about with my investments here.

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