RE: RE: Hive: Putting The Vision For 1,000 True Fans On Steroids And Why People Should Join Now

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So many ways to earn and recently discovered AI blogging better than human content and will be crafted to draw curators to them based on the ones always curated as well and create 1000 posts on hive daily with 100 accounts tagging each layer 2 and other tags doing different things testing profitability of raffles, giveaways , which column or topic is most profitable to write with AI etc and whether or not i can get to at least 10 per post after a few months and have thousands of followers on basically botted accounts for writing and art etc see what nfts i can sell based on AI art and turn lore into art etc. speach to text , edits of videos , finding hot issues to put out to get reactions and votes. etc. Monitize it here and copy past to steem monitize there for double and publish ox etc just farm all the chains with the same post.

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