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ive been converting most of my earnings to glx now that price came down and staking rate is still 666% so will be converting to glx as long as the prices is close to sps for now or until im one of the top holders or in the top 200 like i am in spl and i see glx is like buying my initial stock in spl inc of 10,000 shares which also gets a piece of glx through its dao ownership and any company profits from any distribution or exit later down the road. It was a great buy got 2.5 sps per unit about 5X my cost and now shares are still worth im guessing 30-40X my cost which is a good amount and when we get a bull run it will rip and hope i can exit half and hold half so i can take some profit off the table and re invest it into stable coins to produce yield for my investment fund

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