NSCC-002: Hedge Funds are now on a leash?

All Hedge Funds holding short positions MUST REPORT THEIR POSITION. This is an edited version of a repost I saw last month that’s…

Crypto Carnage! Just checked.. wallet still in my control!

Agenda? China BAN! Crypto is risk, but it's also an anti-debt unit. It's easy to sink or pump a small m

I'm a convert to BTC.. shoot me!

So we have a massive BEAR.. the bear bear see's the bear! But like any moon-boy you have to see the macro without the meme shit-coin…

Where the Wind takes us ? Back to banks!

Ivan predicts how it's going down. Forget price as he said, "looking at the price was a waste of your ti

Bearish trend in BTC! Is it over?

What Is a Blow-Off Top? "A blow-off top is a chart pattern that shows a steep and rapid increase in a security’s price and trading…

Learning the ropes of LEO Finance

I have been around ever since the good / bad old Steem day's. LEO launched as a second layer token on steem and of course migrated to the…

Is inflation temporary? Quick answer: NO

You would think with the economy BOOMING perhaps cheaper oil could give us a hand. There is actually no

Grandma cannot pay with BTC in Al Salvador!

BTC is now adopted by it's first country officially. Steve Hanke postulates this will decimate the Al Salvadorian's economy even further…

Banana Volatility! BTC ETH GOLD Dollar!

Volatility! It's everywhere and perhaps it's the calm before the storm. Sometimes it hits us like a brick wall, and sometimes it creeps…

IMF evil talk and selling to shit FIAT

Yah.. I sold.. likely at a near bottom. Why? Because there's co-ordination. Crypto is in many respects rebellion. The markets are…

Compound Crypto Strategy! LEO CUB and the future!

Can you imagine blogging a few times a week but without anything in mind but to re-invest your time? Some of the most wealthiest investors…

Staked my first Cake in CUBFinance!

Not much but hey I am interested in these sort of Div's. It's hard to take things seriously with names like 'pancake' swap and 'cake', but…

Old Yellon squeezes those global companies !

G7 nations finalise historic deal to end tax abuse by global companies - BBC News Old Yellen's got this. All those trillions of…

It's coming! Basil III .. oh wait who cares!?

Basel III is an international regulatory accord that introduced a set of reforms designed to improve the regulation, supervision, and risk…

Pumping LEO CUBfi is on discount DCA!

Remember when I was buying Hive 4:1 LEO ? Oops But now here is some rectification. Dollar cost averaging is the go-to tactic when…

Could ETH really flip? Well it's going to SPACE!


Profiting on HIVE Faucets w/ NFT endeavors

I took some profits at the top. I also lost a little from FOMO. Luckily my buy orders were closer to the beginning centre of the…

Moar FUD ONE CRASH @ a time please!

It's over! it's going to zero! (Not going to ZERO) If you thought I was a bear just watch and listen this guy! Did we bounce? Did we…

Central Bank Digital Currency - What's the point of it?

Paypal, Bank apps, Visa.. It's already digital! So why does this fiat need a central bank currency. This guy is spot on! Will the…

Trying some macro thinking for the future of BTC and GOLD

But look what they did with their infinite creation of ponzi scheme money.. Are there dark pools of 'fiat' money buying BTC and…