#1 DIESEL POOL Is giving #LVL again! PSYBERX update


FED HIKE? Game of chicken!

Today is the day.. oh can you feel it? The markets getting so frothy at the mouth! Will they raise rates? Will they not raise rates? Are…

War is here and moar war is coming!

What a reversal

Travel generation, Baby boomer, Gen x Gen zoomer

I was raised to be generally frugal. Its hard to be frugal in North America if you weren’t born in the projects. In fact t

Let me hear it?

Fresh Here we go no matter here parole Done

The FED is saving face (as per usual)

Let bear take you back in time.. woh woh not that far back heh wouldn't want to bring back those memori

I'm snowed in, have the Omnicron, LEAKED #LVL #PSYBERX footage!

If you have been sleeping at the wheel, there has been so much going on! Quick Blog portion: I got the 'RONA' and it's a nothing…

75K FREE #LVL TOKENS? #PSYBERX is having a contest AND I PLAY TO WIN!

Shill bear here. I'm here to win this contest because I DESERVE IT. Yes I may be an entitled prick but I

Roman style Leopards do not change their spots !

My neighboring province of Quebec wants to impose a tax on those who do not get the vaccination. The Cha

#Hive #PsyberX #ONEUP shill post!

I had posted this early by accident because I had too much vodka. Yup, during covid I have packed on the pounds and did the 'all in this…

Posting on #LEO finance about Tribes and 1UP on #HIve

I have made so many mistakes on hive. Hive engine, tribes.. Selling when just getting started.. Buying in high to get back in..…

Time to make some Internet "money'

I donno what Internet money is, but my parents think that's what I make. So I figured I haven't been posting much, just been getting…

Efficiency and Realism in a 2022 ECONOMY

Blockchain will save all Gold will save all Cash will save all Bear Bear say's, NOTHING WILL SAVE ALL. Care of course some…

#HIVE and Any Blockchain must factor in the @NULL or DEAD accounts

I'm going to make this post short and sweet. I will let my followers upvote and my automatic whatever upvote. It goes back to an ACTIVE…

Metaverse challenge - Digital Warfare and what is #NFT worth?

What does digital life look like? ![image.png](

Happy New Year!

What do we all wish? That 2020, 2021 suck compared to 2022.. Here's to hoping! People really do have a reason to get drunk tonight…

Bear is FUDSTER on #HIVE

Going to write a short post as my mojo has disappeared. I haven't written anything for a whole week! Been dealing with sickness, but I…

Inside trading on the #FED and #HIVE

Some of us are here because we know of the 'inside' trading. We know of the fake 'economy'. We know that a corrupt cartel are 'doing…

BearBear's NEXT LEVEL celebrity PUNK challenge ** Spoiler Alert Spider Man?

It's been a while. Time to digest. Time to excrete. Woh woh there.. I was just talking about ideas!!! So I have original virgin pu

MOAR lockdown for you!

Blogging daily is becoming a little stale at the moment. It just seems what is the point of anything?! C