Market Crash? How can the FED stop printing?

A few day's ago I had written about China's Lehman moment. The fear in the market is effecting pretty mu

I just bought my first NFT EVER! Utopis Chronic..

Sometimes I just like stuff.. 150 Hive later I'm reeling from feeling I bought a painting in my home that I'm not sure if I overpaid…

That time I swapped SBD for Gold. Hive a Bad trade?

2017-2018 was my first real spin at a bullmarket. I had learned about the arduous process of exchanges, a golden era of no kyc and simple…

Lehman China Evergrande is not Grand! Bank Bailout ?

Check it

Hive desensitized me to this.. others maybe dump? SOL Solana

Short Circuit Don't you hate when your toy's break! Especially new pamper type coins like Solana. Are a

Aping in on HIVE while blogging about it..

Revisiting APE! I have enjoyed Aping in. To be honest getting in at ground routes level is always a rush. We never know how projects…

My virtual Wagmigatchi died! ETH is expensive virtual pet food!

Just kidding. I never owned the original Tamagotchi virtual pet. Anyone remember those? If not here: I was a little too old for…

Locked into HIVE more than I realized..

I am departing from my usual end of world rants only to promote HIVE blockchain. Of course I am singing

Choice is an Illusion. Buy BTC / GOLD / SILVER

We are in epic times. For once in our lifetime the bullshit can be seen. Of course many of us could smell the stink for decades; but it…

Crypto's are CRASHING (did you just enter into crypto?)

N00bs - The end is nigh! Veterans - woo-hoo Seem's reasonable since "Visa, Morgan Stanley, and JPMorgan

Paper Tiger SEC investigating founder of UNISWAP

Is this really news? Investigations are not allegations. In any case if UNISWAP is found doing 'something' .. WHO CARES ![image.png](

How long before paper manipulation breaks?

Of course I am not having that "I told you so" post. We aren't anywhere close to that. ![NY Fed nowcas

And Visa bought a Crypto Punk?! Who'da thought!

I know a guy that knows a guy who knows a guy on Shark Tank. In Canada it's the Dragon's Den ehh? Well many popular Canucks are rich and…

Buy Physical and digital assets NOW!


BTC may dump as I'm writing this but..

"ape verb [ T ] disapproving "to copy so

APE's aren't stupid!

So @themarkymark 's APE token has got members at the man cave aping into red hot lust. ![image.png](htt

Enjoy your Denarius and inflated McCHOKE & Puke's

F-The news, F-

MOAR Hive means this Bear is an APE

A few day's ago I had written the BRO's in the M

This Crytpo Cycle is ABSOLUTELY different

Earn u

Road Rage in the Digital Age

Stake! What does it mean? What does it do? Curating is fun until you actually disagree with a 'reward' . Then usually you get stupid…