Bullish ETH? The flippining? No.

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No point in drawing lines. This wave has some correction but man oh man..

I had predicted 2500 USD ETH for a while but it was looking slightly bearish. In all honesty I have already written about the numerous upgrades happening to ETHEREUM. With the gas fee's even partnerships were questionable; but would say VISA not look into this future?

In any case, we have more to run with whatever the fundamentals may be. I just know that ETH will eventually become deflationary. I have no idea what all of this means, but less gas, less coin as more and more transactions happen. Big things are happening and could be considered history.

ATH broken.


Personally I can't stand these guys and there stupid faces for click bait. Either way they are just confirming that riding the wave or going LONG is a go.

Not financial advice. They did set a stop loss in the 1885 USD range.

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These guy's believe 10k-20k and many others. Crazy it's going to be used for banks, and NFT's.

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(not financial advice!!!)

No worries for LEO holders!!!

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