Collecting that CUB in 3 day's!

18 days ago
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Alright laser cub's, 'adamantium paws', cubfi! I'm going on a mini vacation again and to be honest I'm ready to see how my farming game is going!

CUBDefi is really my first exposure to DEFI aside from lending out my USDC.. not to mention it still cost's me 100 USD worth of ETH to 'terminate the loan'. Sometimes investments aren't as good as they may seem. At 8% interest (it fluctuates) still better than the banks but hidden fee's are still in the cards. Now don't get me wrong I'm uber bullish on ETH as per my last post, but now it's time to switch to the BNB game.



Still chilling in the den, gonna do a little experiment. I can probably calculate this somehow if I knew the math, but let's just say my next post should see how much I can compound from my DEN alone.

It's gonna be 3 days from now and it should be a rather decent rank in. Personally I wouldn't leave it for so long, but thus is life. I'll see you all in 3 days. Not posting hurts, but it's at least got me excited to take a break and start up again.

Have a great LONG weekend!

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