Curation time! Just using my LEO 'assets' for a while!

6 days ago
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I have been really busy writing/blogging for crypto for months now. At the same time figuring out how high my ETH will go and trying out some DEFI. I am getting burnt out to be honest. I get a lot of support from the great curators and I have worked really hard to acquire my 5000 LEO. It's staked and ready for curation it's self. This is how it goes I guess. Bought LEO with Hive.. now Hive going up! DOH!


Yah I have been with you all before the bull market started. Crypto is rising, and we are on course for some small downs and BIG ups. We still have months to go and each and every day something new is occurring. With the way the world is going I'm just chill gonna chill out for a bit. Defi and curation are my auto pilot. I'll still be posting from time to time, but I have to put main-street business back on the front burner. I know you guy's have some big juicy upvotes but I'll leave it for the smaller fries now.


Luckily I can use my LEO power to continue curating without worrying too much about 'content' of my own! It's time to help new authors grow. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll get my mojo back and write a bit. Until then I'll be spreading my own love around other LEO peep blogs!

Curation time is now!

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