Cycles of the city life

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Diverging from my usual economic calamities post and focusing on the real world implications. As we all know human beings have this cycle of destruction, re-building, prosperity, decline, and eventual destruction again. I could ask an AI to give me a good cycle rundown to support this thesis, but we as humans do not always need to be fed so much data to just 'get it'.


Toronto is becoming a dangerous city. You know the city that loves free injection sites, illegal immigration, a weak corrupt court system, and of course a weapons free zone. Economic downturns always result in more of the above. We know weapons are illegal, but somehow criminals just figured it out!

Unfortunately things have to get so bad everywhere that it's time to coral the good and the bad together and just start culling. Broke cities cannot afford anything other than more overpaid think tanks to determine what to do. Local community groups see the lawlessness but are hog-tied and labeled as vigilantes. Divide and conquer indeed. So just keep researching what to do and tax the living-shit out of the working person.

Ultimately there is hope that humanity will survive. The cycles so far are incorruptible. Perhaps elite's will read brain scans, and observe and control your mind and body. Slavery is not a new concept, but what fun is there if the slaves cannot rise up. It could take a few centuries, but eventually counter systems prevail. The human spirit can only be digitized so far. Animals locked in captivity sometimes strike out. I haven't seen a bunch of monkey's plan an escape, but human beings are not monkey's.



Perhaps silly movies are telling us in metaphor not to take life as seriously as we do. Of course there are complete clowns who care not about themselves or others, but normal belief in the human spirit provides hope. It's not going to be easy getting people into a core slave race. Perhaps with population reduction, but who would trust the government when the economic malaise drags on for far too long? People are only 3 meals away from rebellion. Imagine that kind of destruction.

Slavery can last for hundreds of years. It's sad, but also part of our history. Many modern human beings are born into slavery and are easy to control. Our current digital world is no different, yet subtle. Then there are those who are truly woke and wish to ignite personal need for freedom outside the pig-pen.

It's always darkest before dawn, and it can be long and drawn out. Eventually dawn always comes. Human beings will always struggle with the future. We are not normal in terms of the nature of things. However we do have a natural tendency to still follow cycles. Like earth and the moon travelling in orbit, cycles will endure. We are quickly reaching and eclipse coupled by a long drawn out night. Eventually the light will turn. Let's hope it's within our lifetime.

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This is a masterpiece! All I can say is that the long night has begun but we're hoping for a moonrise to drive away some of the darkness. Collectively, we can accomplish incredible things but the link is severed from the core. Rebuilding it is not entirely impossible but it will require a tremendous willpower.