Dragon's should shill their BRO TOKEN!

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Apes, Whales, Dragons.. just need some wizards!


Crypto on Hive..I have been living in my own crypto ecosystem for years. Hive is the best drip for getting into other coins if you so choose. Don't want to put in real fiat? Get crypto without having to bridge a bank! Pretty amazing if I do say so myself. Complaining about big holders not sharing the wealth is particularly irritating to me. I put in the time, I put in the effort. I didn't need to suck up to whales after I reached a certain threshold. You really can fish on your own once you get started and diligently participate.

Hive is making curation oil blood for this blockchain. Back in the day it was clicking on mindless ad posts or captcha for Bitcoin Sat's. Now we have proof of brain (not specifically talking about the token on Hive).

This post will probably generate over $1 USD worth of crypto.. do us drippers cash out? Generally not. Unless our curation was $50 bucks a pop and then you would be in the whale status. Now I bought 1000 BRO a while back before they were today's average price of about 4.5 - 4.9 Hive.

If I were to dump my 1000 BRO it probably would take a while to sell them all off; but they would get sold and I would have made some Hive. But why would I do that? I get drips of other tokens every day without even needing to be present. It's not a huge amount daily, but who doesn't want to sit back at times and not have to think?

I just saw an easy chart to show what BRO is invested in:


BRO is still growing and we are even getting weekly reports in a professional way.


The Stake of these tokens automatically get dripped into my account daily. I can even add more BRO to my pot by delegating some of my own stake. It's actually an interesting concept holding a coin and it giving daily dividends. Sure it might take a couple of years to recap my crypto (rather than selling), but I have been blogging for years! Why should I change my behavior?


I don't usually shill my token holdings, but BRO is a patient coin to have in your bag. If you believe Hive will be around for a while, you should definitely hold tokens that give you something back every day. Why not?

You'll earn from these holdings by investing in BRO. You can directly buy BRO from the market or by delegating your unused HP or HE tokens to @brofi.

And finally, here's the overall view of this report. You can access the dashboard through this link - https://bit.ly/3wdR1hR

We have some tokens vested in much of layer-2 Hive. BRO is everywhere!

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