Generational Wealth? Not the Dollar! They know we know that we don't know what they know!

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GOBBLE GOBBLE! Leveraging up, deleveraging down! Diversifying is KEY!

Berkshire vice chairman says cryptos ‘useful to kidnappers and extortionists’

I'm SOLD! Buying more Crypto!


Generational Wealth

1 Land and or Property

2 BTC (Some alt's)

3 Gold & Silver

HODL Next Five #1 BTC #2 ETH ADA #3 THETA #4 POLKA #5 AFTER reduction by 80%

Even if they bomb he still thinks they will stay in the top 100! Sound Advice.

  • Cryptocurrency:

What to invest into? Whatever is innovating the most! Using Facebook as an example with all of their data breaches; they were able to sruvive because they gobbled up many other media.

He also likes crypto IRA's under the present belief you will not pay capitol gains tax and as well as on staking rewards.


WHy is GOLD and Silver 3rd? Simply because it's trading paper contracts produce crappy trend lines. In the end it will be steady. It's not an amazing investment, but a good one. Just because Warren Buffet dumped his gold stonks months ago (remember it was a big deal he bought)?

Sure these assholes sold gold, but paper div's. Know your market and what your end goals are. Look what they do, not what they say. Sometimes what they do, they know you are watching!


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