Hive's TOP 10! Coinmarket cap Top 10

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Exhibit A:


No I'm not going to go through Hive's top ten by market 24/h volume.

LEO is Still number one! Hive is on the rise as well!!!


Yup that's HIVE! Choppy but beautiful!! I knew Hive was on the rise since last week!



Now this is more of a surprise. I guess there's some SUN exposure? Honestly this is some what contentious considering things are.. unresolved. (check Exhibit A)

DEC next. Perhaps it's going to have a direct link to CUB?

In other news:

Visa Picks Ethereum Over Facebook Libra to Settle Payments; ETH/USD Up


Many ask does this make sense? Others say the gas fee's are coming down with an increased likelihood of ETH becoming deflationary as well.
I have no idea how this will turn out, I just know there's a lot riding on ETH to have a vision. It's also more likely there IS a plan in place especially if hundreds of millions are at stake.

But I did learn that VISA payments often take hours and sometimes days to reach the original creditor. This is something I didn't realize and blockchain solves. I used to think Debit payments were fast?!

Are ETH upgrades enough? Well honestly if VISA is making some kind of investment/commitment it's still a good idea to have ETH in your portfolio. Yes there are so many superior blockchains available with faster processing and zero fee's. ETH seems to be the darling at the moment.

Maybe this is how retail works..


I took a break from blogging for 3 days.. yup you can check.

Not too much has changed. Although VISA.. that's a just a start I suppose. Will Mastercard join Bitcoin? Litecoin?

Things are changing rapidly.

No Exhibit B:

You love my blog because I'm right in a majority of my 'predictions'. Life is a swam. White swans are simply momentum. Black swans will never always be anticipated.

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