I onboarded someone on #HIVE!

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I actually did it! I got someone to join #HIVE. I created an account for them and they are learning tip.cc on discord and learning about DUST. They want to mine but it looks as though you need to be a big player in terms of energy! Who knew :)

So why #HIVE?

Zero transaction fee's. They are learning about crypto but I told them it's not a money maker! They are learning about airdrops, dust, transaction fee's. Welcome @vortsman. I'll direct him to different communities using PEAKD. Hopefully the #introduceyourself.

Anyways I'll start forwarding him different communites to join. He smokes a lot of #weed so of course time to join


Everyone watches some shit on television so join the #cine community


I'm writing on LEO finance on how to earn CRYPTO! Sorry bro you probably won't join this tribe ;P

So hopefully @vortsman you learned something. Welcome to the wild world of crypto. You will eventually know your layer-1 and layer two tokens. You already know about shit-tokens so take advantage of #HIVE.

So as an example I spoke about weed.


Snap a picture! Tag it #weed


You like movies? Snap a picture and try to credit it before some douche say's it's copywrite!

" 3rd Evil Dead movie. Ash (Bruce Campbell) finds himself trapped in medieval times. He must quest for the Necronomicon, a book of evil which can return him to his time. Unfortunately, he releases the evil trapped inside the book and unleashes an army of the dead."

R (Violence|Horror)
Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Comedy
Release Date (Theaters):
Feb 19, 1992 wide
Release Date (Streaming):
Sep 7, 2010
Box Office (Gross USA):
1h 21m
Universal Pictures

ETC.. hopefully you found this helpful. Soon you will learn about the circle jerk and may it be strong with you.. Thoon!

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Tell him to do the #introduceyourself post

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I'll review it before hand. He will fall in love with some big upvotes. I have to hold his hand.. he kind of needs it.


Fucking A another pot head

welcome @vortsman


he hasn't figured out the blogging component yet. I'll get to it.. stoners.


Just make sure he uses the cannabis tag when posting about cannabis related stuff👍

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