Old Yellon squeezes those global companies !

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G7 nations finalise historic deal to end tax abuse by global companies - BBC News


Old Yellen's got this. All those trillions of created debt has to be paid back (including inflation)..

Print Trillions? Tax Billions! That's how it works folks.


I mean why not! We have Elon tweeting!

Alright because it's only fair those Amazon's and Wallmart's got the green light during the covid! Never mind small business was shafted. The great reset is happening!


I guess he is kind of right! If it's tulips we trade tulips, if it's paper we trade paper. I have alway's said it's confidence that's backs any currency. To me it would seem Elon is just playing the FUD so his company can continue to get 'green energy' subsidies. Forget Lithium mining is poisonous and rocket fuel is just as 'green'.

Why the co-ordinated FUD and propoganda to sky rocket cummies? I guess we have to look between the lines. I like fundamentals, but they never play out the way we would like. I expect a lot of pressure on cryptocurrencies in the next few months. Perhaps more FUD from China, more meme laughter from Elon! Seems pretty co-ordinated to me!

Canada already has a 25% Corporate tax rate. 17% is nothing especially since the big coporations have skyrocketed profits in the past couple of years alone. Just remember that central banks have got this!

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