Profiting on HIVE Faucets w/ NFT endeavors

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I took some profits at the top. I also lost a little from FOMO. Luckily my buy orders were closer to the beginning centre of the bullmarket. I'm still in profits but those gains surely narrowed recently. Getting in early early is different from getting in early.





My creativity is just as important as my technical understanding of crypto. Blogging for crypto is a combination of both. The best way for me to bridge these two perpetually is using “profit” to continue to grow.

I have been looking for a proper tablet


ETH reached new ATH's and I liquidated 1. I bought chip shortaged electronics. I was told to take profits, so I did but only in a way that would let me 'grow' .
The technical mind now wants to wade into NFT. Nobody has to like my 'art' they as I'm just a doodler. I won't say I don't have talent; I do with time and precision. Some are better than others, and there are many better much better than me. The one thing I want to do is go on a mission. Make some art and try to sell it as an NFT.

Original art! you never know. Now I need a reasonable NFT platform. I have been waiting and even mentioned this in the man cave for a while. For me that's a new frontier but certainly not the last in crypto. If crypto can buy gold, silver, electronics and other assets I will utilize those 'earnings' and re-invest.

This is another way for me to re-invest into myself. Plus it's pretty damn therapeutic. The one thing Hive taught me is that it's a perpetual crypto faucet letting you into the new world of crypto on all technical and artistic fronts.

To new creations and re-investment into the web 3.0

Overpriced? Sure, but the pencil is accurate and enjoyable right on the tablet. I used a $15 program call Procreate. I guess I'll procreate more.

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