Staked my first Cake in CUBFinance!

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Not much but hey I am interested in these sort of Div's. It's hard to take things seriously with names like 'pancake' swap and 'cake', but this is crypto where doggies are making people millionaires. Perhaps this is peak stupidity before a total market meltdown, but I say let's be stupid together!

If you follow my blog I have been talking about the 10 year yield!


Well it just got monkey hammered down to keep interest rates low. I don't need to outline how many times I spoke about this! Interest rates go up, the party is OVER! The FED can only do one thing, and that is print money. If more money is printing, yields cannot go up or else there could easily be a debt default on the interest owed.

Maybe world central banks are positioning themselves towards such an event; but in my opinion they just aren't ready without another 100 Trillion to be printing and digital currencies. Ok 100 Trillion is just a guess..

UBI is causing labor shortages, prices are going up (inflation). You can give a person free money, but it takes away their incentive to work and as well makes products more expensive due to inflated devaluation of goods. More people are buying, but less people are working. Dollar strength goes down as we consume but ship nothing back!

Even though BTC has been getting an incredible amount of FUD; why would we want to stay in the dollar? Trump wasn't the best president but Biden is more of a bumbling fool. Some of Trump's policies I agreed with but the 6 Trillion he printed is just every other administrations policy of inflation. This just staved off the impending deflationary pressure from 2008 Crash. The central banks position themselves for Deflationary events (which are constant) with Inflationary 'accommodation'.

The bowl filled with constant water with holes in it!

Become your own central bank. Own hard and DIGITAL assets. Even toothpaste and alcohol are hard assets. I'm sure those things will be needed in the future.

Alright so I'm gonna talk about Hive for a bit. My strategy during the bear market was to accumulate Hive when it was 0.12 cents. Right now we have multiplied that amount even though we haven't 'mooned'. Whether the bullmarket continues or not I have maximized my Hive earnings. I had a power down going during the BULL market and have subsequently moved it into Defi (Cub BNB etc.). I have now stopped my powerdown and will just accumulate as if I am in a bear market. Hive is a great learning crypto faucet. I know it's technology (graphene) is superior in many different way's compared to other blockchains BUT it seems at this moment Hive is not getting the notice it deserves. Perhaps next bull-cycle unless someone in Korea get's a fat finger. Remember most of everything is still speculative at the moment. BTC may be getting south America's green light; but it's price fluctuations will make a terrible 'currency' until it stabilizes.

I cannot imagine going to the grocery store and seeing my currency going up and down 20%, 30%, 50%, 90% from one day to the other. Sure with the currenct currencies it's just inflating but at a pace the eye cannot see. The inflation is masked as much as possible. Potato chip bags have less inside, and food goes up a few cents every week.

Almost everything I have learned about crypto 85% of it is from Hive. Invest your time and you will become a Hive master. It's also important to get on the Discord channels and interact off chain in order to fill in the blanks..

Hey LEO when's project blank? Alright till my next post!

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