The expansion of DEBT must must must continue!

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Breaking: Users will begin to use VPNs while using Metamask


No I'm not endorsing this shit, nor am I promoting whatever it's peddling. I just liked the picture of it, so I'm referencing it. What? Isn't that what I'm supposed to do?

Unfortunately for you I have always been.. original.

I would be a penny blog if it weren't for knowing how a system works.



That's a picture within a picture. Isn't that much like the derivatives market??


I was asking myself how do you keep a Ready Player One Scenario into context.

If people cannot make rent, they cannot fund a virtual reality life.

Is that complicated?

Now those in the third world may disagree as they can virtually interact with lesser 3-D apps. I would also like to thank the system of fixing my spelling mistakes. Because of you I will never learn how to spell properly (if I do not pay attention).

Elon Musk thinks we are in a simulation or virtual world. It's amazing how we can also create our own virtual world albeit digital. The derivate market is much like a virtual world that the financial clowns are living. The FED Pivot's and each time the market rallies followed by double digit drops.

So wen Pivot? Probaly 6-12 months from now. I expect a few more .50 basis point interest upgrades until something snaps or breaks. By that point a lot of capitol and credit will go POOF. This is the deflation we expect followed by some kind of massive inflation from central banks. Debt is the game and it must must must continue in order for the virtual world to keep going.

Doesn't make sense to you? Welcome to clown world.

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