This week in Crypto! Ponzi Ponzi Ponzi!

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Every decade has it's darling. I'm sitting here trying to foresee what exactly is coming next for crypto and macro-economics. Seeing the large crash and the waves created afterward is not hard to see. What is difficult to predict is exactly where those waves will hit and how hard.

All of these liquidations have just come one after the other. It's not just crypto of course, but because it is the most leveraged it's the easiest to be liquidated. Every crash of course brings down another domino. We are in the middle of a domino event, and the crypto 'crash' isn't finished just yet. There are just do many projects and chains that print their own crypto but deny the fact that new money needs to come in. I have even said this about #HIVE. Hive of course doesn't have to die, but there are questions about 'interest'. Interest is such a different thing to produce unless new money comes in.

Of course I get push back from things like this because ThIs TiMe It'S DiFferEnT, or iT's NoT ThE SaME.

Whatever, I'm just blogging guys.

Enjoy the tulips, enjoy the seashells, enjoy the fiat notes!

Let's just sti back and wory less about the algorythms, but on the fundamentals on how something continues (MAINLY HOW IT MAKES MONEY). So we all pretend that this thing we are highly vested in is different.

So let's see where the waves hit from #FTX. Domino's are falling, liquidations are happening, margin calls are happening, and people involved are having a nervous breakdown.

Bitcoin is kinda different as 1 BTC equals 1 BTC. You can use BTC as leverage, but it still returns from it's fixed source. These liquidations will lead to new inovations. Most exchanges will have to have proof of funding which cannot be lent out. This WILL be the future of exchanges. Exchanges for crypto will not die. Some may be centralized, some maybe not.

The government will of course use these as excuses to create a death grip on crypto exchanges and even holdings. We can see it. Never mind how many drugs deals and evil illegal activity has been done from fractional reserves.

So not to big to fail of course! So let's see how the week goes and which unicorns crap the bed and will flake out. Here we go!

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I'm ok with accumulation phase.

I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the entire cryptocurrency world as I work on growing more.

It's not the end of the world for me.

I'm just a tiny little shell boat bobbing around in the cryptocurrency world riding the waves.


Never mind how many drug deals and evil illegal activity have been done from fractional reserves.

Civil governments are commendable for their consistency and transparent public service. I really admire them.


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What did the doctor say about the tall person in a rush to see him?
I wish you were a little patient.

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The sky is falling!

This is why we should all just stay in Doge. I trust that cute dog to keep me safe.

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