Where the Wind takes us ? Back to banks!

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Ivan predicts how it's going down. Forget price as he said, "looking at the price was a waste of your time this month". Yah, he's probably right to a degree especially if you weren't trading. Ivan is more interested in teaching how to code on different blockchains and being the one to teach the banks. Yup, Ivan is thoroughly convinced the banks are getting in on DEFi quicker then you and I think.

Customers want DEFi as an avenue for investment. I mean why not? So the banks will service them. The first thing in my mind is why would someone want a custodian to hold your crypto. I then remembered crypto exchanges and the responsibility to control your own wallet. How many have their own cold storage wallet; let alone soft.

Ivan said people just want a custodian. They don't want to be responsible for their money. This is actually true but also shows just how far away from the system I am. I try to keep as little money in the banks as possible. Fractional Reserve Banking is your own mistake in some cases and giving your crypto to the banks in some way's negates why it was created.

But Ivan is right and these bastards will get their hands on it while the sheep give it away. Having CBCD's are interesting because it cuts out the reason for lending out dollars. If the FED can lend by itself what are the banks used for? So if the banks want to have some kind of future they will at least need to pivot into crypto's ASAP. Will banks get cut out? I really do not think so. The banks control the Federal Reserve anyways; so it's pretty silly to say ALL banks will be cut out. They will just work in tandem; especially when taking care of what cash is in the system.

Of course this is all of my own conjecture, but it seems to be where the winds are taking us and what Ivan believes the banks will soon invade and manipulate.

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