Naw you don't say BTC regulation is basically about TAX

As long as the ten year yield stay's low and a mass exodus doesn't happen when rates spike up we are in

Cardano's newest fork Smart Contracts and Exchanges enter FlanoSwap

A while back near 0.40 cents I purchased a small bag of Cardano. I have been staking it ever since and w

Some USD Tether Fuddy Duddy! CBDC snuff emm!

The pathetic truth of the matter is that banks in legacy markets are just as rehypotheca

I was hungry for yield and tired of posting!

Such a crypto n00b I was. Chasing crypto strictly for paper fiat gains. Sure I sold at the top and bought some metals with it (last…

CUB compounding, Fiat resistance, Financial WEB of deceit

Look if I don't want to trade how can I compound relatively 'stable' interest? Well CUB of course! Sure some like me bought in at $11 USD…

Dragon's should shill their BRO TOKEN!

Apes, Whales, Dragons.. just need some wizards! Crypto on Hive..I have been living in my own crypto ecosystem for years. Hive is the…

CUB Kingdoms and Scams Increasing! You won 9.7924 ETH

I get it! YOU WANT THAT CRYPTO! But others also want it.. well at least your crypto! Almost every day now on Discord I am being ask to…