Bring Your Fam to Leo

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One of the most interesting part of the leofinance platform, it doesn't just give users the ample opportunity for them to benefit in creating interesting contents on Weber contest activities are been organized too..


Let me tell you something, just in the mid week, Leofinance mobilized an event called Leo power up day where everyone get to earn more on curation rewards.

It just a new one here back again, guess what another form of amazing contest. This particular one is called "Bring your Fam"

Upon all you and I have been earning while on the leofinance platform, am sure we have ever thought of inviting a new member to the platform which most of us have done.

Yea, I did and I definitely hope you did too but don't worry about it in the participating in this contest, you will bring someone to the Leo finance community.

It's just a simple contest for inviting friends and relatives and informing them about the good of @leofinace, getting them registered and introduced on Leo on hive.


I can still remember the person who brought me into leofinance. His name is @iniobong3emm. I never knew he also participated not until I met him and he told me some fun about LeoFinace which is what I like.

What is "Bring your Fam about"

This is an interesting event that seeks old and existing members in the leofinance crypto space is expected to tell a friend, might no necessarily be your family member but if they are also available, you can share it with them too, there is nothing wrong with that. Am quite sure @khaleelkazi got no issues with that too.

Why This Contest Is Important? This contest is important because as members of the leofinance platform, we may not have it all remaining in same statistics of population everyday, hour, week so therefore growth is essential for existing system who will want to thrive the crypto space.

This contest is essential to promote growth of the leofinance ecosystem. Am quite sure with this ample opportunity, new users will also get to share up new ideas that can project the Leo on hive ecosystem.

Like me I will suggest parties and rewards given to best content creator of the year, week or month. Stuff like that though.

Not only about Leofinance people will get to know about but also hive Blockchain as well.

How do you invite Fam? I don't really remember again if hive got some slots for new members but you can join hive through ecency account creation.

I think this will be a better way. All you need to do is join and create account on ecency.com.

Go to profile sub menu and navigate to settings,

Enter your password and select click to view keys.

Copy and backup your keys .

Go to hive.blog and sign in via your username and posting key.

This will get you joined to the LeoFinace community on hive.

Leofinance also have thier beta media Web3 app. You can visit leofinance.io in that regards.