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While I am not a professional designer by any means, I love to explore my creativity and have mingled with different design forms since my university days. And even if my career went in a different direction and in a more technical field (QA-Testing Engineer), I still find it relaxing to challenge myself and see where my creativity is at. So the Hive Business Card Design Contest and challenge by @acidyo is an opportunity for me and others to showcase some of our ideas.


For both the front and the back of the business card I have thought of using the color scheme of the community, it is intended for and in this case, the Philippines Community in the Hive blockchain. Thus the color palette includes blue, red, and white. For the front of the business card, I started with the Hive logo and from there depicted the background to be split in the same shape. In order to have the symbol pop, I have added an additional background with shading on which I have embroidered the Hive logo. Besides this, I've kept the design as simple as I could and simply added only the address and the QR code pointing to this URL.


For the back end of the business card I have mirrored the front and flipped it horizontally. This ensures a seamless flipping of the business card without any interruption in the design and form when switched from one side to the other. I have generated a different QR code pointing to the Philippines Community page ( and added a catchy slogan "Be part of our community".

This is Pretty much the entire creative process. I have used Adobe Photoshop Elements to design the business card and used the forms available within the program. In addition to this I have used the Hive logo and the QR code was generated with a free QR Code Generator app. I believe that based on different communities the color scheme can change, but in essence, the design should be kept clean and with lines emphasizing the Hive logo identity.

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It looks very beautiful you have worked very hard to make hive card we pray that you win it. It is important to have a QR code on the card as many people scan and pay their money.


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Thought you are not a professional designer, but your approach to graphic designing is great and you made a great design. I love the color combination you have used.


Truly appreciated, I've used the color scheme in order to be in line with the Philippines Community flag.

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