Crypto Mythbusters - DCity $500 investment status and results after one week

17 days ago
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One week ago I have started a trial investment of $500 into DCity with the goal of demonstrating that it is a viable cryptocurrency game project that will return you stake in 3 to 4 months. This is one of the crypto mythbusters that I have undertake and probably will continue also with others and as one week has passed we can check if are on track with it.


My DCity adventure started with $500 a week ago and in 1 - 2 days I could buy in the buildings I thought they are bringing the most income in the shortest period. I was playing the game for quite some time, had already invested about 400 SIM in it and now I've used that expertise to be able to do things a little bit better than a beginner.


My focus was on SIM income rather than population so that means that I am not occupied a too higher ranking, but I still get some daily Hive rewards. At the moment these are around 0.62 SIM and while the percentage out of the total investment is little, it helps with it. With that on population I bought mostly Luxury buildings that give not only population, but also a good income stream. I need more building to ensure occupation for the other buildings, but I considered them from the SIM income point of view. The buildings I've focused on were Forests, Ad Agencies, Weed Farms (farm WEED tokens as well) and Weed Dispensaries, Stadiums (farm ENTRY tokens) and Gyms, Restaurants and Nightclubs and that's about it. I am sure I didn't get the best prices on these as I had to grab many of them on the market so if it will take a little bit more time in addition that should be normal.

Now let's see some stats and where I am standing with the investment return after 1 week.
The current return per day from my total investment of $500 (which means 4400 HIVE) is of 0.84%. That means that in about 120 days which means 4 Months I should fully recoup all my investment. Now the taxes might have an effect on the period and we'll need to keep an eye on those, but until now I think that the return period is on track.


While it will take quite some time to see if this crypto mythbuster is a bust or not, I think that we make prove it right in the end. DCity has good mechanism for controlling the price, we might see another card edition launch soon which should boost up a little bit the economy and maybe also other pleasant surprises. Stay tuned and let's see the results out of this experiment. If you have any hints to improve the economics for my cities or how to speed up the return period, please let me know in the comments.

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